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A Brooklyn Summer

by 01/27/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Brooklyn

We always arrived at least a half hour early to the hot concrete schoolyard with its two sad hoops. There were loads of us, boys and girls from six to the teens, waiting for PS 154 vacation playground to open and its counselors to throw out the softballs and bats, the volleyballs and pink spaldeens […]

My Newman Farewell

by 01/27/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Multiple

I spent a good nine months of my life dedicated to Paul Newman. I wasn’t training to eat eggs, or living a strict Newman’s Own diet. I was developing and writing a screenplay that had roles for not only Paul, but his wife, Joanne Woodward, and long-time cohort, Robert Redford. It was a far-fetched idea […]

Squirrel in the Birdfeeder

by 01/19/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Long Island

There has always been something about the change in seasons, something that has stirred me to make changes in my life. I was married in winter and divorced in the spring, started a new job in fall and quit in the summer. That’s probably why it was in the beginning of winter when I decided […]

Window Washer Thrill Comedy

by 01/06/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Manhattan

One of the pleasures of living in a ranch style home is that I can clean all of the outside windows while standing firmly on the ground. Here is why that’s important to me. 219 Audubon Avenue Once each season in my growing up years in the 1940s and 50s, my mother would wash the […]

The Bitches of Banner Elk

by 01/04/2008
Neighborhood: Across the River, Queens

The trip from Greensboro, North Carolina to New York will be safe and superfast in our little plane. I climb in, pleased to find I have a seat alone. An elegant young couple sits across from me – they have a small, silent beagle in a carry-on case. The man’s probably thirty and has a […]

Magic City: Not In Our Town

by 12/22/2007
Neighborhood: Across the River, Bronx

One of the great, underrated things about living in New York is meeting all those people who come from everywhere else. Not that Gotham natives aren’t a barrel of monkeys, but it’s cool that someone always seems to have a different frame-of-reference, a different slice of life about where they came from, which is my […]

From the Captain’s Point of View

by 11/18/2007
Neighborhood: Across the River, Manhattan

The Captain sensed an uneasiness in the room. The two men in front of him were looking off to their right. They had strange expressions on their faces. Was it disgust? Was it fear? Was it an expression of embarrassment or shame? None of these emotions had been noticed by this Captain during several years […]

Floor Pounding Polkas: A Croatian Wedding Story

by 10/28/2007
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

I should have known I was in trouble when I read the wedding invitation and saw that the reception was in the shadow of the George Washington Bridge someplace in New Jersey. The second clue was that the directions were in a foreign language! I was no stranger to ethnic couplings, having seen both the […]

You’re in the Quiet Car

by 10/09/2007
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

“Whether you know it or not, you’re in the Quiet Car,” the conductor announced. “That means you have made a commitment to silence. The first obligation is to shut off your cell phones. And just because the train stops at a station doesn’t give you the right to turn it back on to listen to […]

More or Less How It Got To Be 4 O’Clock

by 12/31/2006
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

Six months out of college, with an undergraduate degree in English literature and still operating on the assumption that my real life had not yet begun, I was offered a job conducting interviews for a market research company. The firm occupied a converted warehouse in a Garden City industrial park, but most of my assignments […]

The First Emperor at New Rochelle, Theater #16

by 12/31/2006
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

Tan Dun’s new opera, “The First Emperor,” which premiered in December at the Metropolitan Opera and included Placido Domingo in the title role, was a complete sell-out for its run. The Met’s new GM, Peter Gelb, created a unique opportunity to expand the audience, by telecasting the WQXR “Live from the Met” broadcast in cities […]

A Blues Clues Companion Was I

by 04/20/2006
Neighborhood: Across the River, Letter From Abroad

I, Granny, took the helm at approximately 1200 hours. Steering a true course, all was calm for the day. The squab finished his mess; skies remained calm, no squalls of crying. Grandson and I played toss with a small orange ball and spent hours crawling around. Tumble salts off my legs; giggles of delight. Peek-a-boo’s […]