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Gluttony is the Only Winner

by 02/09/2006
Neighborhood: Jamaica, Queens

Well, Super Bowl Sunday is done, or so they tell me. I was oblivious to the hype and I had no idea that Super Bowl Sunday had arrived until Saturday night, when someone asked me where I was going to watch Super Bowl XL. I thought “XL” meant “Extra Large,” a size that, over the […]

Super Bowl XL & Chinese New Year: The Weekend in Review

by 02/09/2006
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

Super Bowl XL was just a few days ago, and Detroit and its suburbs did their best to present a great image. Visitors did not see our homeless, as they were tucked away in various city and suburban warming centers or temporary shelters . . . Manna House, South Oakland Shelter, Most Holy Trinity Church, […]

The Job of the Forcible Entry Team

by 02/06/2006
Neighborhood: Bronx, Outer Boroughs

Autumn has arrived and the cooler air has dampened but not ended the fires of this years “Summer Offensive.” Somewhere the trees are changing color but here in Hunts Point it has been one of those days. We’ve already caught more work on this day tour than any company outside the ghetto will see in […]

On Being Cookie Monster

by 02/06/2006
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

I have an idea for a new diet book. Dress up as a cartoon character for an hour. It is guaranteed to take off at least five pounds. At the behest of my friend Dawn, who works for the non-profit PBS affiliate Channel 13/WNET, I answered an ad for volunteers for a function sponsored by […]

The Touch Artist

by Jill Sand D'Angelo 02/02/2006
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

It took me a while to realize that Kenny was missing. I had been out of town for the holidays, visiting family in California. After almost a week without seeing him since my return, I began to grow concerned. I live on the Upper East Side in an area that used to be, in the […]