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Girls: Use Only as Directed

by 01/16/2004
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

I immediately rediscovered my stance – Kruger’s signature red boxes, the bold typed messages upon entrance erased the damage the glossy magazine had done. I remembered whose side I was on when viewing Kruger’s commands: "you are a captive audience", "your body is a battleground", "we are your elaborate holes", "your comfort is my silence." […]

Making It

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: Morningside Heights

Julio, a boyish thirty-one, has difficulty not smirking when admitting to having slept with over seventy-five females. The majority were what Julio dubs “Barnard floozies”: white, rich undergraduates at Columbia University or Barnard College. Julio can list most of their names on a napkin. Those whose names he can’t recall, he can usually remember something […]

Scenes from Graham Avenue

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Williamsburg

Phoebe’s is the local coffee shop, and it isn’t a bad place to be in the summer. The patio in the back hosts a leafy tree that sprawls between the fire escape above and the duplex behind, shading the tables and chairs and making it cool. A rusted watering can props open the screen door. […]

Metropolitan Diary

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: Union Square

Dear Diary, Having just dropped towel in the men’s locker room of one of the numerous branches of the Union Square-area New York Sports Clubs, I bent over to slip my leg into my underwear (charcoal gray boxer briefs, from Bloomies, of course!) when I noticed out of the corner of my right eye that […]

Mr. Cheese and the Pajama Party

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

It is 7:00pm, and I look down at my vibrating phone.  It’s from Mr. Cheese. Interesting.  I had met him awhile back, and he seemed nice enough, so we exchanged numbers.  But I rarely hear from him, and have never had more than a 5 minute conversation with the guy.  Hm.  I wonder what the […]

A Scene From Two Marriages

by 01/15/2004
Neighborhood: Midtown

Illustration by Elisha Cooper I was married and she was married and we probably shouldn’t have been doing what we were doing, especially where we were doing it. But there we were, late winter, 2002, at 57th and Broadway, a spot that, at least to an out-of-towner like me, signified something important. I read once […]

E-mailing Ellen

by 01/11/2004
Neighborhood: Midtown

Our company president paced before us in miniature Ferragamo shoes, her furrowed brow crowned by a platinum beehive. With her short, tyrannical stature she smacked of Kim Jong II preparing to invade Madison Avenue. She had called us junior PR flacks into her office for a rousing speech. “You’re the best of the agency and […]

Blackout ’77: Part II

by 01/05/2004
Neighborhood: All Over, Multiple

Merchants and police had the first say, but in no time, countless others got into the fray. “They are jackals, that’s why,” said a city councilman who represented a heavily looted Brooklyn neighborhood. “Jackals who took advantages of the darkness to destroy our stores and services.” “Why do they do it?” asked an eighteen-year-old, as […]