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Any Given Sunday

by Nina D'Amario 03/03/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Caroll Gardens

The real estate maxim “location, location, location” dictates that just building it won’t make them come, you have to build it under their noses. While this may hold for the surfeit of restaurants and Starbucks in New York City, the exact opposite is true for laundromats. Wherever, and however shoddily they are built, people come, […]

Defending Dave’s Wall

by 03/03/2003
Neighborhood: Brooklyn, Park Slope

From the desk of Dave Prager, a slight shift of the head is all that’s required to look out the bedroom window. Following such a shift, one’s view is then dominated by a picturesque cement wall — a sideways monolith, capped by chain link fence, five feet past the bedroom wall, separating Dave’s property from […]

Please Don’t Touch the Dancers

by 03/02/2003
Neighborhood: Across the River, Manhattan

The beers cost seven dollars and the DJ had A.D.D. He kept stopping the tracks midway through, throwing the girls off. There were two rooms, and opposite the bar in each room was a stage. The stage in the front room had a baby-blue wooden banister cordoning it off from the bar, and a sign […]