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Applause: The New York City Marathon

by Thomas Beller 11/03/2002
Neighborhood: Central Park

The New York City Marathon is fun to watch for several reasons. The leaves in Central Park are beautiful–still on the trees but fragile and colorful. It’s moving to see the look of physical pain on the runner’s faces. It’s moving to see that zoned out, exultant look on the runner’s faces. It’s interesting to […]

Sad Song Scenarios Part Two

by 11/01/2002
Neighborhood: All Over

There are some songs that if heard in the right situation might push you to the brink of something horrid. Some of these situations are real, some are fiction. Tim Rutili: 1.”Whoop There it is,” rapped over by a Melrose Park wedding DJ with a cordless mic as the dance floor was heating up at […]