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The Jewish Holly-Go-Lightly

by 10/15/2002
Neighborhood: Queens

I try to call my Great Aunt Doris every day. She’s ninety-years old and lives alone. I love her desperately and as she gets older, especially of late as she becomes more feeble, my love seems to be picking up velocity, overwhelming me almost, tinged as it is with panic — I’m so afraid of […]

Skate Dogs

by 10/13/2002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

I heard that Jack died. I take that back. I heard he was killed. I take that back too. I heard he was put to sleep. It was one of those pieces of information that had a hell of a lot more resonance for me than it did for the person who told me. In […]

The Fire Spinner

by 10/13/2002
Neighborhood: Central Park

Our protagonist, Skunk, in action. Dan a.k.a Skunk and his girlfriend, Erin, pick me up on the corner of Broadway and 116th Street. Skunk briefly reminisces about his days at Columbia University: after a few years of "getting stoned and sitting on the couch" he dropped out and found what could be said to be […]

The Celtic Supporter’s Club

by 10/13/2002
Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens

I was born in Brooklyn and to my understanding it was a fait accompli that I would be a Mets fan. I was taught that all Brooklyn residents had been Dodgers fans and four years after the Dodgers sold their souls and moved to Los Angeles we became New York Mets fans. As a child […]

The Groucho in My Kitchen

by 10/13/2002
Neighborhood: Manhattan

In the 60’s, I lived with my brother and my parents in The Eldorado, an apartment house on Central Park West between 90th and 91st Street. My Dad was a Member of the New York Stock Exchange, My Mom was a Mom and my brother and I were in school (Bronx Science). It was and […]

Fire on the Water

by 10/13/2002
Neighborhood: Chelsea

We were on our way to a downtown loft party in Emily’s Volkswagen, Emily, Kay and I, when we stopped off to see the ruins of a fire in the waterfront district, on Thirtieth Street and Twelfth Avenue. This whole neighborhood, along the western spine of Manhatan, has always been mysterious to me, with its […]

At The New York Academy of Art You Are Always Being Watched

by 10/12/2002
Neighborhood: Tribeca

Pictures by Josh Gilbert I dropped by the New York Academy of Art with my spiffy digital camera, feeling like an artist and ready to snap a few pics while I waited for my friend, Beag. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for me to feel like a fraud. For one thing, my friend […]

Interview with Fran Lebowitz

by Thomas Beller 10/11/2002
Neighborhood: Upper East Side

Thomas Beller: Is the book you’re writing now like your first two? Fran Lebowitz: No, it’s a novel. It’s called Exterior Signs of Wealth. I don’t have quirks about discussing it, but there isn’t enough of it to discuss at length. TB: How about in brief? FL: It’s set mostly in New York. It starts […]

Robert Kennedy Saved From Drowning

by Thomas Beller 10/11/2002
Neighborhood: West Village

It was January 1st, 2001. New Years Day. The sky was exceptionally blue. Snow had fallen heavily two days earlier. It was still on the ground in drifts, white and pretty,  but the air was balmy. My girlfriend and I were taking a long meandering stroll in search of a place to eat brunch. It […]

Death of of a New Master

by Thomas Beller 10/11/2002
Neighborhood: East Village

Esteban Vicente died in January, 2001, shortly before his 98th birthday. He was one of the last surviving members of the famed New York School of Abstract Expressionists. We visited him in his studio in 1993 and are proud to present him as the first our or "Studio Visit" series. Esteban Vicente arrived into the […]

Inside the Tenenbaum House

by 10/09/2002
Neighborhood: Harlem

Just east of Amsterdam Avenue, in a section of Harlem called Hamilton Heights, a newly poignant obsession of mine was given life. I had spent my week with the DVD of Wes Anderson’s third movie, The Royal Tenenbaums. I sang along with the quirky soundtrack songs (Nico, The Clash, Paul Simon); listened to the director’s […]

Candy and Basketball: Where Does the Money Go?

by 10/09/2002
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

The next kid who tries to sell me M&Ms on the street is going to get his ass kicked. I’m agitated, not because these youngsters can be a little rough around the edges, and not because they sometimes stalk a hard-sell for a quarter block, whining, “Come on! Please! Please!” I’m even okay with the […]