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All About Eve’s Garden

by 07/11/2002
Neighborhood: Midtown

The doorman doesn’t ask , but he knows where we are going. The guy at the front desk seems wise to what floor two female twentysomethings are headed for. The buildings Super, who shares our elevator, is all too aware of why we pushed button #12 and me and my gal pal snicker in the […]

The Dollar Experience

by 07/06/2002
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

Nearly every day the homeless men who hang around the front steps of St. John the Divine are keeping tradition alive. The tours they give of the cathedral’s western façade and the Peace Fountain are one part hallowed and one part hustle, and they’ve been going on, in one form or another, for ten years. […]

J. Walter Thompson Mail Boy

by 07/03/2002
Neighborhood: Midtown

Friday, June 22, 1956…one day out of Rice High School and just seventeen years old … the first day in what my yearbook identified as my career – advertising. And what more appropriate place to start? At the bottom of the (at-the-time), worlds’ biggest advertising agency, the mailroom of the J. Walter Thompson Company. JWT […]

Therapy at the Movies

by 07/02/2002
Neighborhood: Uncategorized

It’s a friday night in July. Two women are sitting across from each other on a train bound for the Hamptons. About 30 minutes out of Penn Station, the women who has been doing most of the talking says to her less attractive friend; “I was talking about Sharon’s boyfriend and he said, ‘can I […]


by 07/01/2002
Neighborhood: All Over, Manhattan

The A train rattles through the tunnel underneath the East River. It’s late on a Sunday night and the train is not very crowded. About ten customers are spaced equidistant on the seats. They stare up at the ceiling or down at the their feet. Doors at the end of the car click and slide […]

The Dakota: John Lennon Speaks

by 07/01/2002
Neighborhood: Upper West Side

The Dakota. It’s not simply a brown building. On the northeast corner of 72nd and Central Park West, it stands like a fortress. It has the soothing color of earth. Near the entrance to the park, a hot dog vendor sells an abundance of meat and buns. Multicolored balloons hang from a tree. A guy […]