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A Troll Museum Curated by an Elf

by 03/04/2002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

One would be inclined to describe Jen Miller’s 5’3” frame as pixyish, were it not for her very strong self- identification with another sort of sprite. Miller, a 29-year-old Lower East Side performance artist, would love to wake up one morning to find she’d become an elf. Barring that unlikely miracle, she’ll have to settle […]

No Door Too Small

by 03/02/2002
Neighborhood: Brooklyn

It was my first official piece of furniture purchased for my new apartment in Park Slope. Two overweight deliverymen, breathing and sweating heavily, carried it up the four flights to my apartment on the top floor of the Brooklyn brownstone. That’s when they found that the angle of the doorway and the large wooden banister, […]

Pictures of Electronic Ed, Circa 2002

by 03/01/2002
Neighborhood: Manhattan

Here is one of the more interesting faces on 11th street: Electronic Ed, so named for his uncanny knack for finding electronic devices in still working condition. There are few people with a keener aesthetic eye wandering around than Ed, who in spite of his disheveled appearance is often carrying all sorts of elegant and […]

Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

by 03/01/2002
Neighborhood: Lower East Side

Jon Voight he was not. But the Midnight Cowboy rides again in the Big Apple. It was twilight, late April, 2001. A cool breeze blew from the East River as I waited for the Manhattan bound J train at Marcy Avenue. The J ferries passengers, mostly working folks, across the Williamsburg Bridge from Brooklyn into […]

Heading Down on the Bloody F

by 03/01/2002
Neighborhood: West Village

I get on the downtown F train at W. 4th street, it’s a Saturday at 1:30 a.m. The car is pretty crowded, there’s nowhere to sit but that’s fine since I’ve been sitting for the past 4 hours listening to Elvis Costello speak about his career for a TV show. He sang a little too, […]