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Subway CPR

by 04/26/2016
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 41 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 I was a drunk. A 29 year-old out degenerate by night, a hung over school teacher by day, at a prestigious upper west side school, no less. I’d had another all-nighter and wound up on my friend Doug’s veranda in the East Village at six o’clock in the […]

Barking at Tourists

by 06/29/2012
Neighborhood: Featured, Times Square

Like 21 Google +1 0 Retweet 4 “You guys like comedy?” The young Armenian-looking couple stares straight ahead; their paces don’t slow as they walk past me. “No? Ok, no problem,” I mutter to myself before taking a quick drag of my American Spirit. I spot a 30-something white guy in a pressed suit; not […]

My Life Among The Pedicabbers

by 02/20/2011
Neighborhood: Featured, Midtown, Times Square, Uncategorized

Like 26 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 I usually hate Times Square. At its best it is a bunch of light bulbs on steroids, marquees on acid and fluorescence on speed. But no real light penetrates this galaxy as reflected milky ways of neon; garish, overpowering signs and streaming advertisements all compete to be the […]

Long Live Viva Pancho

by 01/18/2011
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 5 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Long Live Viva Pancho Viva Pancho is a Mexican restaurant in Times Square, on West 44th Street, just off Broadway. It’s verde awning reads, “Viva Pancho”/“Home Of the Sizzling Fajitas,” in chili pepper script. Neither quaint holdover from the old Times Square, nor modern day restaurant group vision, […]

Under Jimmy’s Awning

by 08/22/2009
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Jimmy’s Corner isn’t like other Times Square bars–those oversized Irish pubs made of dark, polished wood or the theater-crowd cocktail lounges with big windows, people inside looking like they’re drinking in a department store display case. Jimmy’s is a dim, narrow cave of a bar, a hunk of […]


by 06/08/2008
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 I didn’t know I had a problem until the telephone call. It was 2:31 a.m. I know the exact time because we have a digital clock by our bedside phone. I lay in bed next to Linda in my mismatched pajamas because we’d come home slightly drunk at […]

Hotel Edison

by 12/15/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Since my father’s suicide in the Hotel Edison, I made sure never to pass that hotel. I would not even walk down West 47th Street. But suddenly there I was, smack in front of it, thirty-nine years later on a brutally cold night in 2002 with my boyfriend […]

Strange Bedfellows

by 12/09/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 Time really is the great leveler. The other night I went to BB King’s Blues Club and Grill to hear the Psychedelic Furs of all things. Or a better way to put it, in my case, would be that I went to hear the Furs at BB King’s […]

Elliott Gould and The Men In the Truck

by 12/01/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 The American Theatre of Actors is located at 314 West 54th Street. The same building as Midtown Community Court. During the day, you have to pass through a metal detector to enter, emptying your pockets into a plastic tray and running your bag through an x-ray machine, under […]

The Paper That Covers Straws

by 08/31/2007
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 My new play, “Asterisk,” recently opened. It was workshopped at The Crucible of American Theater, which planned to produce it in their first season, but went bankrupt after their first production. I had a show fold at The American Theater of Actors, when the director’s wife asked for […]

Confetti Virgin (I Tossed It Away in Times Square)

by 12/22/2006
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 0 Google +1 0 Retweet 0 I had watched it dozens of times on TV. At midnight, on New Year’s Eve, the buildings spew out tons of confetti, littering the streets and crowds below, as if by magic, with no human interference, celebration spontaneously erupting from the city itself. Unbeknownst to me, there were […]

The Girl on the Bus and the Irish Invader

by 06/08/2006
Neighborhood: Times Square

Like 1 Google +1 0 Retweet 1 I hit the same bus every morning, Monday to Friday. It comes at 7:03 am. It doesn’t matter whether I am running late or if I am ahead of schedule. I never miss this particular bus. To make it, I will sprint like my life depends on it; […]