Abigail Frankfurt


Abigail A. Frankfurt’s writing has appeared in The New York Times, Minneapolis Observer, Lost and Found: Stories from New York, and on this website since 2000. She has read on NPR's Savvy Traveler, and is currently living in Astoria.


My Neighbor Cries a Chain Link Fence

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Published on: 12/31/2013

From Ditmars Blvd. (the Last Stop)

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Published on: 02/03/2013

Everyone’s Glass Onion

From Astoria &Queens
Published on: 11/26/2009

Single is Not a Four Letter Word

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Published on: 07/19/2006

I Wanna Be Sedated: A Night at the Roxy

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Published on: 06/03/2006

Girls: Use Only as Directed

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Published on: 01/16/2004

Who’s Got The Biggest Balls Of Them All?

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Published on: 12/09/2003

The Fire Spinner

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Published on: 10/13/2002

All About Eve’s Garden

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Published on: 07/11/2002