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  1. Gordon says:

    Nice and straight forward seems like you might need some seed money to start up in TWFC.

  2. Kent says:

    Well, when the venture capital guys come in, you risk losing control of the company. Glad you enjoyed it,
    Cheers, Kent

  3. Crazy Sweeney says:

    I love it…… As a 43 yo male with bitchy no sex giving wife and 2 sass mouthed kids looks like I might be heading out to the city this weekend….. Only 2 hrs away…

  4. Crazy Sweeney says:

    but no use in ruining such a wonderful thing

  5. isn’t it dangerous to be a mealworm to their ocd pimps on the go?

  6. candles bring home the warm says:

    and use your own bill or straw please! god sake

  7. chris barna says:

    Jesus. Are you me?? Nicely done.

  8. chris barna says:

    Hmm I should have said me about 16 years ago. Just saying.

  9. Alex says:

    Holy shit this is some fine journalism. Funny and straightforward and oh so true. Lived in Washington Heights for two years, what a zoo!

  10. Leah says:

    Just came across this and think its discusting how you use vunerable girls who are not in a good state with a shit life for your own pleasure and showing more people how to do it :S but that guys noways ay

  11. Harry says:

    So, the cops out that way give you a free pass if you are a middle aged white male skating around the periphery of life? What might they do if you weren’t white? Blow you a kiss?

  12. Mikail says:

    Thanks man trying this in the dirty D tonight I mean Detroit

  13. Pearl Fingering says:

    You’re not trolling hoes but college students from Columbia (Washington Heights) and NYU (Bushwick). These neighborhoods are so gentrified they have bypassed Whole Foods to get forager groceries and pizza joints with chef’s tables.

  14. T.K. says:

    I thought that there was no one like me left in the city until I read your very funny and very true blog. I know that it’s 4 years since you wrote it and therefore I could be wrong but I would really appreciate a reply just so I know whether I might get back into my once favorite past-time.
    Until about 7 years ago I usually had no trouble navigating the heights. Started about 18 years ago then from 2000 it was on and off (my choice). I think I stopped going there during a very hot and dry summer, when I had shoulder surgery and was out of commission for a few months. About 4 years ago I found a girlfriend with whom I had the best of both of the worlds, then another a year later.
    My plight is that things dried up for me almost 2 months ago and I don’t know what to do.I live in el barrio but the girls here keep beating me down.
    Even just a push in the direction might help me in my quest.

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